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Island Electrical Utility Systems

Most island territories and island nations are dependent on the import of heavy fuel oil, diesel fuel, or (in fewer cases) liquid natural gas for their electric power supply. This makes their electricity costs extremely high—three to five times higher than what one finds in larger continental systems. In addition to having the burden of extremely high electric rates, island economies are subject to fuel price shocks due to fuel price volatility. Finally, islands territories and island nations are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to rising sea levels, altered rainfall patterns, and increases in the frequency and strength of tropical storms. 

For reasons both environmental and economic, many islands are ready to take the lead in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In many cases, these islands are endowed with several renewable resource alternatives, primarily wind and solar, and waste-to-energy but in some cases including geothermal. The high cost of fossil fuel makes the economics of a wholesale shift to a renewable energy much more clear than it can be in larger, continental systems.  In technical terms, careful balancing of the portfolio of resources, coupled with energy storage, can allow most islands to achieve a much higher penetration of renewable resources than has previously been considered feasible. In most cases over 95% Renewable Energy supply can be achieved.

Who We Are

Island Energy Innovations, LLC (IEI) is a developer of renewable energy and bulk energy storage solutions for island electric power supply systems. IEI consists of a core management team, an expert support team, and a set of tactical and strategic partners. 

What We Do
IEI develops comprehensive, integrated, and actionable renewable energy conversion strategies for shifting island electric supply systems from high levels of dependence on expensive fossil fuels to high utilization of clean, lower-cost renewable energy. IEI then implements those strategies through business structures uniquely tailored to each market situation.

Seawater System

Seawater System, Okinawa, Japan

Island Waste Systems 

​IEI develops systems to reduce or eliminate the need for SMW landfills and also for destroying hazardous waste. Sewage, medical, chemical, electronic wastes can be converted to clean economical energy without incineration. These systems meet all emission guidelines.

How We Work

  • We study each market with regard to its energy economics, current supply, and renewable energy alternatives. IEI considers the readiness of the specific island market along with the existing infrastructure, electric grid operation, and resources availability.

  • We construct plausible, integrated renewable energy models, incorporating the most appropriate balance of supply-side alternatives, storage options, and potentially complementary demand-side options (e.g., reverse osmosis water supply solutions). The model includes both technical and economic dimensions, quantifying to the most defensible degree the benefits of the new supply portfolio.

Where We Work 

IEI is based in the Caribbean region, whose island territories and island nations exemplify the energy economics described in our value proposition. IEI is already familiar with the region and has begun market development there. However we would be pleased to assist any island in energy crisis worldwide.

Island Energy Innovations, LLC
Integrating Utility Scale Renewables

Island Energy Innnovations, LLC principals have extensive backgrounds in business, construction, engineering, and large scale renewable projects.

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